Top 5 home rower exercises to do at home

Going to exercise in the gym is interesting, but being able to do it at home is even better. Increasingly, with the democratization of sport and devices of all kinds, many people no longer hesitate to train at home in order to be able to save on travel costs (and registration!)

Among the many devices of sports , there is a fact that more and more of him for its benefits: it is the apartment rower . But like all other devices, it requires that the athlete warm up beforehand in order to avoid any false movement. We tell you everything about the rower!

What is the apartment rower?

definition of the apartment rower

The apartment rower is a complete piece of equipment for playing sports at home. It is suitable for all those who wish to slim down, train in order to be able to keep in shape or simply, perform simple exercises to lose weight . It is a device which is more and more coveted as much by the professionals of the sports environment as by the novices because of its many advantages.

Indeed, depending on the rowing exercise practiced, one can either work the abdominal and dorsal muscles , thighs, glutes, shoulders and forearms. 

Beyond all this, the rower also significantly improves endurance as well as the rhythm of the heart. (just like the jump rope )

In short, it is a recommended device that allows almost all the muscles of the body according to scientists, about 90%. It should be noted that there are several types of rowers: the central draft rower, the double oar rower including the Scandinavian rower and the Latin rower.

It is therefore up to you to choose the rower corresponding to the objectives you have set.

The best rowing machine exercises to do at home

Many rowing exercises exist, allowing you to exercise according to your goals and the body parts you want to work on.

But it is very important not to forget to do warm-ups before starting by doing the exercises themselves.

It is also advisable to be able to take the advice of your doctor to be sure that your body is perfectly suited to the exercise you wish to do.

1: Fitness or exercise for beginners

This is the first exercise on the list. And to enjoy the advantages of the latter as well as those of the following exercises, it is important to be able to adopt a very good position . This makes it easier to achieve the desired results while avoiding getting hurt.

To achieve this:

  • Sit properly on the rower and act as if you were paddling in the same way as in a boat or as if you were rowing.
  • When pulling, you will need to use much more force when pulling very intensely on the lifter.
  • But the return as for him must be done in a softer and less brutal way.

You should practice this exercise for about 3 to 5 minutes in a fairly moderate manner and following a regular rhythm. A time of 3 to 5 minutes can be devoted to rest between each series of exercises.

It is up to you to choose the number of series you want to do according to your endurance.

This rowing exercise is done to work the muscles of the body, especially those of the arm, forearm and to prepare the body to endure the increase in cadence that awaits it.

2: Cardio above all

With the rower, you can do cardio at home ; the pace will therefore have to be a little faster compared to that of the previous exercise. Here, it is ideally a question of making between 22 and 24 oar movements per minute. But if this is your first experience with the rower, you can afford to do the 24 movements in 2 periods of 4 minutes .

To achieve this:

  • Sit properly on the rower and act as if you were paddling in the same way as in a boat or as if you were rowing.
  • When pulling, you will need to use much more force when pulling very intensely on the lifter.
  • But the return as for him must be done in a softer and less brutal way.
  • Here, you will have to speed up the pace in order to reach an average of 22 to 24 back and forth per minute, divided into two 4-minute periods.

And if you are still an athlete , this exercise should be done twice for 2 minutes. It is a series of exercises that serve as a cardio program and that can significantly reduce diabetes and cardiovascular disease while ensuring better blood circulation.

Practiced with all the seriousness possible and with the rhythm which it is necessary, it makes it possible to be able to work as much the heart as the muscles of the arms, forearms, abdominals, glutes, lumbar and back muscles . For anyone who wants an excellent heart rate, this is the right rowing exercise.

Also, if you are a confirmed sportsman , do not hesitate to carry out exercises organized in 2 periods of a duration of 8 minutes each.

3: the increase in cadence or speed

speed up the rowing machine

As the name suggests, it will be during this exercise to work the speed .

To achieve this:

  • Start with 60 strokes per 3 minutes, or 20 strokes per minute.
  • Then do 24 strokes per minute over the next 3 minutes, at a fairly moderate pace.
  • In the last 3 minutes, give the same number of strokes, but at a faster pace.

Do not forget to blow between the series by devoting a rest time of about 1 minute. This is always good for the body and allows you at the same time to be able to catch your breath before coming back to work more motivated and more determined than ever.

 4: The development of endurance

the rower to improve endurance

This exercise is done to develop endurance ; and who talks about endurance talks about cadence and time. You will therefore have to row as long as possible, but while accelerating the pace. It is important that the goal of the exercise is reached, that it takes place in 4 phases of 5 minutes.

To achieve this:

  • Each set of 5-minute exercises should be subdivided as follows
  • a rhythm of 20 strokes every minute during the first 2 minutes
  • a rhythm of 22 strokes of the oars every minute during the following 2 minutes
  • during the last minute, a rate of around 24 strokes

It is an exercise which as said above allows a development of endurance, but also, helps to work all the muscles of the heart passing through the heart. It is therefore an effective weapon against cardiovascular disease.

 5: For the pros

rowing machine exercise for professional

This is the ultimate exercise for home rowers. It is intended for sports professionals or those who practice it on a regular basis.

To achieve this:

  • Here, the goal is to succeed in rowing about 22 times per minute, and this for 10 minutes times 2. We must not forget to make between the two periods, a break of about 2 to 3 minutes.

 The advantages of the rower at home:

the rower to slim down

Losing weight

Many people, women and men want to lose weight and devote themselves to drastic diets not knowing most of the time that the rower undeniably allows to have a dream figure. Indeed, if you do bodybuilding on a regular basis, this is beneficial for the body and promotes the harmony of the latter.

If you practice rowing exercises 2 to 3 times a week with a rate of about 22 to 24 strokes per minute for about ten minutes, you have the possibility of losing between 30 and 50 calories per day. You no longer have to go to a gym every day to do your exercises.

Rowers are excellent tools for eliminating ailments such as saddlebags , fat and cellulite, which are most often complex for most men and women, quite dramatically .

Beyond all this, these rowing exercises, in addition to losing weight, allow you to firm your buttocks and get beautiful legs. They are therefore perfect for women.

Develop back muscles

develop your muscles with the rower

Another advantage of rowing exercises is that they help develop the back muscles . But it is important to be sure that you can have good results, to adopt the right positions. Thus, it is necessary to keep your back straight and avoid bending or bending it during exercise.

The other thing is to make sure that the shoulders are in the same alignment as the pelvis. In addition, care should be taken to place the feet above the rower’s straps and keep the knees parallel to the legs. The pace to follow here depends on you and can range from the pace of the fitness exercise to the exercise for professionals.

But it is advisable to perform 20 strokes each minute for the first 3 minutes , and then gradually increase the rate to 24 for 24 minutes.

Work all the muscles

Finally, there is no such thing as to supply the muscles of the body with rowing exercises . It is common knowledge that the rower is a fairly powerful device that undeniably allows you to work the majority of the muscles of the body, about 90%, which is quite encouraging.

To exercise with a rower is to tone your arms, shoulders and abs. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with the fitness exercise, practicing it every day for about 5 minutes, but without forcing too much.

By practicing these exercises every time, you can be sure that your legs and thighs will gradually firm up. You can therefore, depending on your endurance, adjust the pace of the exercise according to your level and the result you want to achieve.

In addition, if you want to work on a specific muscle , you can also adapt the device. All these factors clearly demonstrate that the rower is a device that has clear health benefits and that there are many advantages to having it at home.

Vary between strength training and “fitness” exercises for more efficiency.

the rower for fitness

Having a rower at home is a great way to build muscle effectively, without moving from home. Building muscle isn’t just about working on the muscles of the body. 

The mind is also strengthened:

Many scientists have had to demonstrate that playing sports allows you to gain self-esteem, be less subject to depression and become optimistic.

The rower is a fitness machine that fully fulfills these various functions and is therefore the ally of all sports enthusiasts, fitness or all those who want to be able to work the muscles, lose weight or just have a healthier quality of life.

It is an excellent calorie burner which has these days, the wind in its sails in many gymnastic halls and in many households, because it requires a large number of muscles. The exercises associated with it have become excellent tools for working on your figure and can be adapted to the level of the athlete.

So do not hesitate any longer, whether you are a man or a woman to adopt the home rower who combines many advantages in a single device. In addition to allowing the body to work through bodybuilding, it helps reduce the rate of cardiovascular disease through exercise.

It is more effective than the exercise bike and starts with visible results already after a month. The level of the exercises goes from the easiest to the least difficult in order to allow everyone, beginner as confirmed athlete, to be able to make the most of this fabulous device.

So there are no more excuses for anyone who has not yet started rowing. Go for it now!

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